Gabriella Garcia on the perennial love affair between sex work and telecommunications.
Dreaming as research, process as prototype, and... the blockchain? 🧐
Join artist and writer Ayanna Dozier for a conversation about deconstructing and subverting media depictions of Black femme sex workers.
An oral history roundtable tracing the early days of an internet built on desire, erotic labor, communal care, and animated gifs.
A conversation with Veil Machine at Parsons Design & Tech Cloud Salon
Watch the recording of our conversation with OnlyBans + next event feat. VEIL MACHINE next Tuesday, Nov 2nd
*FRIDAY JUNE 18th* join the Heauxstorians for a talk about Black sexual expression through music, erotic labor, and heaux culture overlap
Join us on April 8 for a panel discussion about what the Internet might look like if it was designed by sex workers
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